Eggy Bregy


  • 4 eggs
  • pepper n’ salt
  • olive oil
  • wholemeal or white bread (your choice)



Step 1
Fist grab your eggs and crack them into a small bowl.
Make sure there's no egg shells in it. Whisk your eggs up
so the yolk is mixed in with the white's. Add the pepper and
salt to this then whisk it up again.

Step 2
Put the frying pan onto medium heat and put the oil
on once it has heated up. Grab your wholemeal or white
bread and soak it in the eggy mixture on both sides.

Step 3
Put the oil on the eggy bread and then put the 
uncooked eggy bread on the frying pan. There with be a sizzle
and after the sizzle wait a bit then turn the eggy bread over with a spatula,
(If there is no sizzle add some more oil underneath the eggy bread).
Then when it is a bit brown on both sides, you can take your 
eggy bread of the frying pan.

 My Special Tip:
If your a chilly fan add some chilly
sours to your eggy bregy.